Maths Month

We are pleased to announce that ‘Maths Month North Yorkshire Coast’ will take place in March 2019.

Maths Month aims to change perceptions of maths and numeracy and to raise aspirations. Working with teachers, families and the wider community, Maths Month will attempt to change the perception that not being good at maths is ok and encourage students and the wider community to share in a ‘love of maths’.

In March, we will offer a range of maths focused enrichment events for schools to participate in free of charge.  These will include exciting external speakers, workshops for pupils, careers events from local businesses and area-wide competitions.  Details will follow as to how to sign up to these events.

More importantly, we are keen that Maths Month is a schools-led event to ensure sustainability and that it suits your aims and objectives for maths across the area.  We would like to encourage you to design and run whatever maths focused activities you think would benefit your students and community as part of Maths Month.  For inspiration, we will offer schools free resources and training to deliver activities and events which will be distributed alongside the programme of events.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about Maths Month, or additional ideas for events or activities, then get in touch with Henry Phipps.